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"Atelier Neume" 

Analog ist besser als Digital. 

" Basel based, Hungarian and Jurassien-rooted Atelier Neume (Balàzs Földvàry, Marie-Annick Staehelin, Melchior Füzesi) hits  the spot with this first portfolio about their practice. Presented are ETANG, a weekend hideaway in the Alsace; DIRTY HARRY, an apartment house in bricks and TSCHANTRE, a conversion of a former industry plot into living spaces, both in Basel. The approach to the projects is radical, the implementation is both pragmatic and poetic.

With texts by Harald Stühlinger and photographs by Daisuke Hirabayashi. The melody between the pages is progressive chic and the altogether is a unique and refreshing twentyfirst century book, including some never seen creative surprises. "

Buchkreation mit Simonett Baer Texte: Harald R. Stühlinger, Photographie: Daisuke Hirabayashi

Visualisierung: Aron Lörincz Ateliers

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